Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review of Intrinsic



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The Creator has a problem that he created in the name of Derideon (The Devil.) After numerous efforts, Derideon's army is about to rise again in the 20th Century with the help of one Kragon, a powerful sorcerer.

Unbeknown to Kragon, he is being used by Derideon. Kragon does not know that he comes from a long line of Good Sorcerers. The Lineage is presented to the reader, but Kragon is concealed from those facts.

With Kragon’s help, Derideon may rise again. Only time will tell because this seems to be the first in a series.

I found the book a bit wordy but fun to read. Mr. Collins lofty prose seemed to indicate the higher level a spirit like the two mentioned here in this review. It is at above us mortals - they talk an elevated level above ordinary people.   

The Bible's Old Testament type of godly killing of innocents is prominent for the promotion of world power by both sides of these fictional prognostic characters, interestingly put together.

If you like pure action, this is for you.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I Will Breathe
Forbidden Series, Book 1

Regina Puckett

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

This Young Adult read is for the young at heart like them and me. It is fun, bizarre, and delightful. Some of the reasons I keep coming back to Regina's short novels

In this adventure, Liberty, a young lady pilot of an airship, goes about her business of bartering items needed in her post end of times world.

On one of her stops to deliver goods, she takes on the task of caring for a robot who has feelings. On a stop to get water fuel for her ship, she encounters other humans.

The adventure begins, and Liberty breaks all of her dead father's rules by engaging the robot and the humans. She finds love, a trait she has been avoiding all her life.

How this all comes about and how Liberty changes are the lessons learned in this novel; some that YA's should learn.

An enjoyable quick read. The way I like it.

Review of Magnolia Gods

A River Sunday Romance Mystery, Book 2

Thomas Hollyday

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The undercurrent of this fast-paced novel is the romance of two aircraft pilots, Mike and Robin. The mystery of what happened to an experimental steam engine airboat and its inventor after World War II is what binds them together for this thrilling adventure.

Was the plane stolen? Was the inventor, a veteran Naval Captain a traitor? Where is the airplane? Many questions need to be answered.

There are many curves thrown at the reader that keeps one asking what next. 'Who is on first,' comes to mind. In other words, who is the real traitor in this story?

The tale comes to a crash ending after a battle to the end of some real criminals. Exciting and poignant are two words to describe it.

Well worth the opening of the cover to see who the Magnolia Gods are and how they help save the name of a patriot.

The novel is a quick 256 pages and stands alone as part of a series.

Review of Neon Lawyer



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Short but gripping legal story of a lawyer named Brigham who is out to fight the system. Because of his ingenuity on how he pleaded his first case, a traffic ticket which he loses, Brigham's boss gives him a murder case.

Very unusual, but he is a freelance lawyer working for a Law Firm/Bail Bondsman. Much of this story is non-common, but the lady who committed the murder agrees, and they go to trial. 

Having read many legal thrillers, I believe the legal tactics and procedures used is plausible. The courtroom drama is suspenseful but quick because of the case and the prosecutor's deceit and the compassion he has for the defendant's state of mind.

Characters are developed for a series to continue but this novel is short, so I give it a quick review. It is worth the .99 cents sale price or Kindle Unlimited.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Review of Going Home



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Going Home is a story of love lost to a tragedy, Lewis Evans wife Sally dies. Lewis is a prominent author who stops writing after the event and goes into a mental meltdown.

He receives aid from an unlikely spirit, another famous author, who turns Lewis' world upside down and around. Lewis' conversations with the spirit of his wife and this author relate to evaluating love, life, and death.

The in-depth analysis, colloquies of Lewis, the stories of the phantom author, and Sally's edging-on familiar words are the backbone of this engaging discourse of why we are here on earth. Will Lewis' pain of living without Sally on earth or the pain of death take over his being?

The story as I have mentioned above seems deep in content. It is, and the prose is at times mind wrenching and at others somewhat comical. Life and death are celebrated in many ways in this Blevins' novel.

If you are looking for a lovely story about a love lost and the informal interchange of thoughts, you will enjoy this presentation of life.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review of ONE WAY

A Sam Archer Thriller #5


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Mr. Barber's series keeps me coming back for more because his novels of Sam Archer's adventures are always fast-paced. This thriller is no exception and stands alone as a complete story.  I read this one in two sittings.

Sam jumps into a situation where there is only one way out, and a group of professional operatives wants the few people with him dead. The large building they are hiding in is invaded from below and above by well-equipped persons chasing them.

There is no way out, and the army of police in the street below is being been kept at bay. Sam and a team of US Marshals protect their witness whom they believe the criminals want dead. 

The team gets cut down to Sam and a lady Marshal who fight through critical events the average trained person could not endure. They work together perfectly avoiding some disasters. 

Well prepared, the criminals center on their prey to an explosive ending that only a few will survive. The way out is the roof. Who makes it out is a gripping event to read, but start at the beginning and you'll be thrilled to the end.

Sunday, February 11, 2018




Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Sam Jenkins, police chief in Prospect Tennessee, is a character that I cannot get enough of because he is what my uncle Lou would call spiffy. He has all the charm that the ladies love and that dirty criminal mind that is used to get the real criminal behind bars.

The novel starts with the killing of a young Korean masseuse after a new massage parlor is opened in town by an ex-hooker acquaintance who Sam cleared in an investigation of a previous murder and a lovely Korean woman. Trouble always comes in multiple for Sam.

There is a shakedown of the parlor and Sam investigates using all of his small-town police force, family, and friends. His and his wife's knowledge of Korea, his friend's abilities, and Sam's uncanny New York detective work sheds light at the end of the tunnel.

The way Sam Jenkins' mind detects baffles all his cohorts, including those in big city Knoxville, but he gets the job done. He is a softy at heart, but don't even think his wife knows how his mind works.

Mr. Zurl’s whodunit novels will always be on my bookshelf. This mystery kept me thinking to the end.

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